02: Playtime Q&A – The Ishaya’s of The Bright Path & Ascension Meditation?

Who are the Ishaya’s of the Bright Path and What is Ascension Meditation?

‘Ishaya’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘For Higher Consciousness’. The Ishayas are devoted to experiencing, and helping others experience, higher states of human consciousness through the teaching of Ascension Meditation.

The Ishayas are modern-day monks. It’s not about living in a cave and removing yourself from the world – from renouncing your chance to have a fulfilling career, money, relationships, have a family in order to live a peaceful life. It’s about living life at 200%. Living in the external modern, amazing, technologically world that we live in and enjoy AND having a 100% internal experience of infinite peace, unbounded joy, freedom and contentment, and unconditional love. This is what I found with the Ishaya’s.

Ascension means to rise above, to rise above and beyond the chatter of the mind to experience the peace within. That allows us to be present. With this presence we clear everything, everything clearly. That allows us to experience more joy, peace, truth – you see beyond our own stories and the voices in our head and discover who we really are – perfect, innocence, pure.

The Ascension Attitudes are simple techniques to return to our natural state. It’s completely mechanical – you don’t need to believe in anything, they transcend the beliefs of the limited mind and take you to somewhere greater.
Give you a release from your thinking patterns, whether good or bad thoughts, both can cause stress. And due to the mind-body connection, stress in the mind gets translated into stress in the body, which ultimately can lead to anxiety, burnout, depression and ill-health.

Ascension is simple because it doesn’t require you to change anything. However side effects may include your perspective shifting, your reactions changing and it may cause happiness for no reason – sorry!

It’s not about trying to stop your thoughts because you can’t, and you shouldn’t try to force yourself to stop thinking because that only causes more suffering in your meditation practice. It’s about becoming an observer, learning to simply watch your thoughts, and change your relationship with your mind.

Learn to become okay with this moment right now – exactly as it is. This brings contentment, acceptance and allowance. You discover that there is nothing wrong with you, with your life, or with anyone else’s life either. This brings peace, freedom.

You can discover that you don’t need to identify with any thought ever. Thoughts are still useful, they tell you what you need to buy at the grocery store and how to drive a car. But meditation can help take care of the bigger decisions, how to awaken your intuition and your creativity so that problems resolve themselves more easily, so opportunities can magically appear without you trying to force them. So life can simply become more easy and joyful.

Ascension is typically taught over a weekend course – a Friday night and Saturday and Sunday. It’s based on four powerful technique called Ascension Attitudes based on praise, gratitude, love & compassion. There are teachers all over the world and you can learn more about Ascension at www.thebrightpath.com

But honestly, this podcast isn’t intended to be a sales pitch for Ascension. That’s just the path I found which worked for me. I liked it because it was easy, because the Ishayas were the most unconditionally loving and supportive people that I had ever met. Because it simply felt good to be around them.

But you do you.

Find a technique, a path, a teacher that inspires you and teaches you in complete service, who doesn’t expect anything from you except that you’re willing to show up and discover truth.

It’s my desire that Daring to be Happy will support anyone who meditates or wants to develop a meditation practice, regardless of the technique they choose to use.

So do the things that bring you joy, and I don’t mean seeking out the big things outside of yourself to make you happy. Don’t place all your happiness on how you think you look today, how good you do your job, how much people seem to like you, or your flash new car. Those things are nice to have but they won’t bring ongoing fulfilment – research has proved it. Find joy in the small everyday things.

One thing that completely fills my heart is to watch my dog Lulu running the fastest she can, on her eternal quest to catch a rabbit (which she never does but the way) and simply exploring the world with curiosity and joy. Watching her ears flap as she runs and her beard fly in her face – she’s a mini schnauzer so she’s allowed to have a beard!

Practice gratitude, focus on the GOOD and on what you have, rather than what you don’t have and give your praise freely. Appreciation for others and all things is a powerful and free gift that costs nothing but a few moments of time. And while you might think that appreciation is designed to make someone else feel good – a secret is it will actually leave you feeling pretty good too. So next time you’re having a crappy day, just look for something or someone to praise.

So as always there is no one right answer, and I don’t claim to be an expert on everything. What has helped for you? Share your tips for building a consistent meditation practice in the comments below!

And with that, I want to express my gratitude to you for listening and praise you for your willingness to show up, play big, be courageous, find peace and live happy.

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