11: Jivana Ishaya – Commentating on peace + Formula One

Jivana is an actor and presenter living outside London, England with his gorgeous wife a massive cat, Jaffa.  As you will quickly hear in this episode, he loves playing and joking around, and loves delving into the nature of existence, meeting new people and spending time with friends. He also loves Formula One and by putting his peace first has manifested his dream job as a Formula One commentator.

“I feel like understanding the nature of life and nature of reality is the most fun game to play by a long long way and certainly if we’re going to be here, let’s enjoy it – Let’s play!”

Topics mentioned:

  • Renouncing Christianity at the age of 8.
  • Being fascinated by the question of Why are we Here?
  • The first impact meditation had was on his relationship with his wife – she noted that he was more chilled out, relaxed, easier, less judgemental
  • Choice – “I could choose where I put my attention, on movement and the constant churning of an ever unsatisfied mind or on the context in which it exists, the still, silence, space from which everything comes.”
  • Meditation for his career – battle with money as an actor, sense of lack, living hand to mouth.
  • I ask Jivana about Trust- one of my personal challenges – It implies that the universe could get your life wrong in some way, the fact that you have to trust it.
  • Jivana talks about the effect his Dad dying had on him
  • We talk about the power of the Reset Button and I start dropping F-bomb’s.

“I saw more and more that I didn’t want my happiness to be based on the state of my bank account. More and more I understood what I wanted more from all of the different jobs that I did.”

“Prioritising my peace before anything else is the only thing that’s ever worked.”

“My minds been commentating on my whole life and now I get to commentate on Formula One”

“Nothing that has happened, that has happened to you needs to affect your decisions right now. Always, right now you have a choice.”

Resources mentioned:

  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast – Subscribe here
  • Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

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  1. Sheila on 10/05/2017 at 4:19 PM

    I have loved listening to this inspiring conversation between you both and enjoying the joy and laughter. It was full of beauiful reminders as I readjust to being back home after an awesome months retreat in Spain.
    It was great to see you both whilst there.

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