14: Sally Lewis shows that Peace is Possible

Sally Lewis has been a businesswoman for over 30 years and an Ishaya Monk for the past 9 years.

Her diverse background allows her to approach consciousness and spirituality in a down to earth manner.

Her latest consciousness project is the documentary called ‘A Mindful Choice’ – a film showing the impact that one person choosing for peace can have on those around them, and their community.

Topics mentioned:

Why Sally & her partner Greg made a movie about meditation – Not everyone wants to learn to meditate, but they wanted to plant the seed that peace was possible for individuals and for humanity as a whole. They wanted to inspire people that they have a choice and if they are motivated to find peace and happiness then doors will open and opportunities will present themselves.

Sally’s life before meditation – she was stressed and didn’t know how to slow down, which led to illness and depression. She was always looking for the next buzz, the next project, to feel like she was achieving and being successful.

When her marriage broke up, she felt lost, she had lost herself, lost the excitement and fearlessness of her younger days, and felt limited and self-critical.

She saw the change is someone else who had learned to meditate and he told her, she had to stop reading about the experience of living in the present moment as it was just a concept, she wasn’t experiencing it for herself. So she learned to meditate and it turned out it wasn’t just for hippies!

She had previously believed that anything good in life was hard, you had to work hard at it, so she was sceptical that meditation seemed too easy to work. She wanted to do it perfectly and better than anyone else. She tried to figure it out but discovered that meditation was simple as long as she just did it, it worked and if she didn’t, it didn’t work.

Meditating now, she realises that she is really efficient, she loves doing things, loves projects and achieving things, but she does it now from the present moment.

“Meditation revealed the real me. I love the real me, the real me is joyous, she’s loving, she loves herself and she loves everything she comes across.”

Sally’s early experience of life that told her that love hurts and that she needed to control everything in order to avoid the pain of rejection. Letting go of control has given her the freedom to return to the innocence of a child and not to fear anything. Feeling like she’s part of the world instead of feeling like she was on an island.

“On the other side of letting go was the most magical opening of possibility and really living and living my purpose.”

What it was like for Sally to meditate with 200 prisoners in the most violent prison in Mexico –  the prisoner there were interested not only in their own peace but also the peace of their children, families and communities and they are ready for change.

One of Sallys most joyous days – spending time with the children of a Mexican foster school. How these kids have been able to let go and leave their past and move into a new future, through the power of meditation.

How the movie has helped inspire and change some viewers experience of their own health challenges.

How even individuals making that mindful choice to be more present and experience more peace for themselves, can have an impact on others, whether they get on board with their own meditation practice or not.

“Anything is possible, I never knew I could produce a documentary – if we had ever had any doubt thoughts at the start we would have stopped in our tracks. If we had tried to plan it all and go into the future, it wouldn’t have worked. All we did was make a commitment to raising conscious in the world and we allowed ourselves to surrender how that was going to look. We just started and put one foot in front of the other.  We never doubted that it wasn’t going to be successful.”

We can all walk towards our own happiness however that looks – meditating, or spending more time in nature, or choosing to change jobs…

The silliest things now bring Sally joy which is such a contrast from her life 10 years ago. Whatever comes to her can bring her joy.

Sally’s biggest challenge: wanting anything to be different than it is right now.  Wanting things to hurry up. She may have an idea and a desire and want it done, but the universe may not be ready to deliver it right away.

Biggest discoveries:

  • Self-love – revealing the true me and giving me back that connection to feel a part of humanity instead of sitting on the sidelines.
  • How meditation has impacted her relationship with Greg – She was no longer afraid and she could give and receive love openly. To be able to live freely with another human without any conditions on it or fear of loss.
  • Our true nature is one of peace and joy and love and we are all deserving of that, it is all our true nature.

Prisoner feedback:

“I’ve been in two prisons all my life, one a physical prison and one a mental prison which is far more secure than any maximum security prison could ever be.”

He thanked the meditation teachers for giving him the tools to step out of one mental prison so he was able to take steps to stepping out of the physical prison. It brought him hope to live into a new future.
Walk towards happiness and know that it is possible and everything will be delivered if you are 100% committed. Sometimes it’s not comfortable and we have to make difficult decisions but it’s so worth it.

Choose for your own happiness.

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