29: Don’t wait to be present

After releasing two episodes a week for the last 3 months, if you’re paying attention you may have noticed that this episode comes over a week after the previous one.

Don’t worry this is not a podfade!

But… I am going to be taking a break from releasing new episodes till after the new year. But I will still be working on the show behind the scenes; Reflecting on everything I’ve learnt so far, creating a compilation episode with some of the most powerful takeaways shared by my guests so far, recording + producing more guest interviews and setting some intentions for how I support you even further in 2018 –  if you’d like to join me for a meditation retreat, let me know where in the world you’d like to meet, personally I was thinking Bali, NZ and somewhere in America. And I’m very excited about some of the guests who will be coming through in the next season.

Meanwhile, you can still follow me via my new Instagram page which has daily posts featuring some of my favourite messages and quotes from both my guests so far and leaders in consciousness from around the world.

I’ll also be doing regular Instagram stories for those who want to see what the day-to-day life of a modern-day monk actually looks like.

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Also, I’d love to invite you to check out a new online radio station which has been created by some fellow Ishaya friends of mine. Now Radio 108 is dedicated to experiencing the infinite now.  Each radio show will contain content that will exemplify aspects of being in the present moment.  The DJs at Now Radio 108 are from various backgrounds and locations globally.  So the daily con tent is diverse and dynamic.  We hope you tune in regularly to experience the many interviews, series, original music and regular programming. And you may even hear me on there from time to time, whether that’s live or as a repeat of some of these podcast episodes. So to check that out I invite you to go to radionow108.com

Don’t wait till 2018

So before I sign out for the year I want to leave you with something to consider. It’s that time of year when things can start to get a crazy. It’s a time to wind down and celebrate but before that happens it seems there is a whirlwind of stuff to get done. There are parties, there’s shopping, there’s family and there’s all those end of year work deadlines looming.

Plus then you realise that another year has passed by and those resolutions you made back in January have become a distant memory and you realise you still haven’t created what you really want in life. Maybe things have stayed exactly the same, maybe things have gotten a bit worse.

But next years going to be different right? As the saying goes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results that you’ve always gotten. It goes something like that, right?

Now, you can spend all the time in the world, going to the gym to create a better body, going on another date to find a better partner, earn more money to get a nicer house or car or beach holiday. But ultimately none of that is going to make a difference to your inner experience of peace and happiness if you’re not being present. If you’re staying tied to looking at the external stuff to make you happy, your patterns of thinking and behaviour are going to remain, keeping you feeling stressed, anxious and stuck.

You have to commit to doing the inner work. There is this perception that delving into this inner work is scary, that it’s going to be uncomfortable and ugly and you’re not going to like what you find in there. And it will be if you resist it. In fact, what you’re doing right now, is resisting it. By staying safe, playing small you will remain comfortable and you will remain stuck and you will remain stressed and anxious and like you’re not good enough or getting ahead enough.

But you know you’re here on earth for something bigger right? You’ve known that since you were a child.

And I’m totally speaking about this to remind myself right now as much as to you.

Stop making everything so damn hard. Stop overthinking everything. You wanna stop that, just get present. You wanna stop feeling overwhelmed and rushed, just get present. If you’ve got 99 problem and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in your head that you’re stressing about for absolutely no logical reason, just get present.

Not sure how to get present? Breathe, exercise, turn your phone off, spend time in nature, hug a tree, practice mindfulness, or practice meditation. There are many ways to go about it.

If you want life to be an ongoing experience of the present moment though, I do strongly suggest to take up meditation. Find a teacher, find a practice that you resonate with, that feels easy. You can find meditation teachers located all around the world at thebrightpath.com

And don’t wait till after you’ve stopped being busy, don’t wait until January 1st, because you can’t put off being present, you can only do it now. Plus your mind is probably always going to find a reason to put this stuff off.

Don’t put off your happiness for another moment in the future. That’s like walking around with a thorn in your foot and just leaving it there. It’s going to continue to cause pain with every step you take, it’s going to embed itself in your foot more and more, it’s going to fester and turn into a real problem. Why would you do that, when you can simply reach down and pluck it out.

So here are a few stats to help motivate you. This research was taken specifically with people who regularly practice Ascension meditation, so other meditation styles might not give you quite the same results but I guarantee regardless of the technique you use it’s going to bring a positive result.

  • 97% of people surveys who use Ascension meditation regularly experience greater peace love and joy.
  • 91% experienced improved communication, relationships and sense connection
  • 95% reported a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

So I want to thank you truely and deeply from the bottom of my heart so all your love and support of Daring to Happy so far. It’s been an amazing few months since this project started but honestly without your feedback and encouragement it wouldn’t have been possible. If you continue to have any questions about anything you’ve heard shared on the show, please do get in contact, by emailing lila@lilab.life, or send me a message via Facebook.com/LilaB.daringtobehappy, leave me a review on iTunes via lilab.life/leavereview or leave a comment on any of the show notes page.

So with that my wish for you is a peaceful and joyful end to 2017 and I praise you for your continual efforts to show up for life, play big, be courageous, find peace and live happy.


  1. Nicky on 02/09/2018 at 10:21 PM

    Lila where are you? Im getting withdrawal symptoms…..missing the podcasts. ☹😁😉

    • Lila B on 06/05/2018 at 8:15 AM

      Bare with me just a little longer, it’s coming back, very very soon!

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