01: My Personal Journey from Grief to Joy

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On today’s episode:

I share my personal story on what led me to start meditating, dealing with the grief from the death of my boyfriend when I was 29, and how that set my life on a whole new path, eventually becoming an Ishaya monk. It’s a pretty raw and real episode and there are even a few tears. While I’ve told parts of this story many times, to sit down and actually record it was much harder than I expected and felt very uncomfortable. So I’m not quite my usual bright self but since the main theme of this whole show is courage and vulnerability I thought it was important to share it and keep it as authentic as possible. So I haven’t re-recorded any of it and tried to keep the editing to a minimum.

Topics Covered:

  • A very raw account of the most extraordinary event in my life – the death of my boyfriend
  • The enlightened washing line experience where a lifetime of conditioning became super clear and I realised the story I was telling myself about my life and my expectations of how I thought my life was supposed to look were bullshit.
  • The greatest lessons I learned from meditating full time for 6 months at an idyllic retreat centre in Spain.
  • My theory on why grief hurts so much (and it’s all about LOVE)
  • The format for the show and what you can expect to learn about by tuning into Daring to be HAPPY


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  1. Nicky on 09/02/2017 at 8:27 AM

    Thank you Lila! for your honesty and I think it was perfect! You don’t sound like you are talking to a computer….you were talking to me/us!
    Looking forward to hearing and learning more.
    lots of love to you x

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