33: Meditating 10-minutes a day with Andy Storch

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Join me in Bali for a 6-night yoga & meditation retreat this October. Early bird rates closing soon on July 15. Go to lilab.life/baliretreat to book. Andy Storch is a consultant, coach, facilitator and host of the podcast The Entrepreneur Hotseat. Andy specializes in helping leaders lead, sellers sell, businesses flourish and ambitious business professionals perform…

32: Join me for a week of luxury meditation in Bali

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Luxury Yoga & Meditation Retreat Bali Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali  Sun 28 October – Sat 03 November 2018 I’m so excited today to introduce my friend Maria who I am co-leading a retreat with in Bali in October. So today’s episode is to allow you to meet Maria, get to know her and learn more about our yoga and meditation retreat in Bali.…

29: Don’t wait to be present

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After releasing two episodes a week for the last 3 months, if you’re paying attention you may have noticed that this episode comes over a week after the previous one. Don’t worry this is not a podfade! But… I am going to be taking a break from releasing new episodes till after the new year.…