Welcome to Daring to be Happy with Lila B

The podcast that invites you to show up, play big, be courageous and inspire you that through meditation you CAN find peace and live happy.

DARING TO BE HAPPY exists in the hope that it inspires YOU to connect to a lighter and brighter version of yourself.


To discover your inner power, inner voice, inner courage. To learn that true strength lies in being vulnerable, in letting go of past stories and conditioning and trusting fully in your own uniqueness.


The tool which can get you there the most directly is MEDITATION. Meditation allows us to discover peace, calm, & stillness. Meditation brings us closer to the truth of who we really are. It gently and easily dissolves the masks and armour we’ve been wearing to protect ourselves from the world. It allows your uniqueness to shine through and happiness to explode from your heart.

33: Meditating 10-minutes a day with Andy Storch

02 Jul 2018

Join me in Bali for a 6-night yoga & meditation retreat this October. Early bird rates closing soon on July 15. Go to lilab.life/baliretreat to book. Andy Storch is a consultant, coach, facilitator and host of the podcast The Entrepreneur Hotseat. Andy specializes in helping leaders lead, sellers sell, businesses flourish and ambitious business professionals perform…

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meditation retreat in Bali

32: Join me for a week of luxury meditation in Bali

24 Jun 2018

Luxury Yoga & Meditation Retreat Bali Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali  Sun 28 October – Sat 03 November 2018 I’m so excited today to introduce my friend Maria who I am co-leading a retreat with in Bali in October. So today’s episode is to allow you to meet Maria, get to know her and learn more about our yoga and meditation retreat in Bali.…

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31: Breathing in Joy with Emma Ferris

18 Jun 2018

Join me for a week-long luxury retreat in Bali this October and learn to meditate amidst the beauty and spirit of Bali – go to lilab.life/baliretreat to learn more! In 2010, Emma Ferris had what she describes as her ‘handbrake moment’. It was a moment that would make her question everything she believed she knew…

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30: Welcome to Season Two – Join me on retreat!

11 Jun 2018

Ep 30: Welcome to season two! Join me for a week-long luxury retreat in Bali this October and learn to meditate amidst the beauty and spirit of Bali – go to lilab.life/baliretreat to learn more! ………… Thank you for your patience in allowing me this break from the pod-is-sphere. It did last longer than I…

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Don't delay your peace

29: Don’t wait to be present

30 Nov 2017

After releasing two episodes a week for the last 3 months, if you’re paying attention you may have noticed that this episode comes over a week after the previous one. Don’t worry this is not a podfade! But… I am going to be taking a break from releasing new episodes till after the new year.…

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Taraka we are all joy

28: We are all Joy with Taraka

20 Nov 2017

Today I’m joined by Taraka, a meditation teacher from Singapore, who I have been blessed to spend the last few days of my trip with as she has shown me the sights of Singapore. Taraka was caught up in the global economic crises which hit Asia in the late 90’s. Overnight her business collapsed. She…

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Gratitude and thanksgiving

27: A mini interview and happy thanksgiving

16 Nov 2017

I’m back in New Zealand! Today we draw the winner of the 3-month membership that was kindly donated by last weeks guest, Sandy Newbigging. And the winner is Anne Louise! Congratulations Anne, I’ll get those details to you very soon. Don’t forget you can trial the Calm Community for free for 30-days, you can check…

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Martin Michelle Daring to be myself transgender

26: Daring to be myself with Michelle

13 Nov 2017

Today my guest is Michelle. Michelle is originally from Bulgaria but now lives in Barcelona which is where I’m visiting her today. By day she works as a software engineer but since 2014 has also been a meditation teacher and had a consistent meditation practice since 2011. Earlier this year Michelle made a very courageous…

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The belief that there's something wrong with me

25: There’s something wrong with me

09 Nov 2017

I want to start today’s episode with a quickie chat with my friend Jen. We just recorded this interview while in the car yesterday morning at 7am on the way to the airport. Jen shares an example of how she used meditation in the workplace. I’d love to hear if anyone else has ever tried…

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Sandy Newbigging Global meditation movement

24: Creating a Global Meditation Movement with Sandy Newbigging

06 Nov 2017

***WIN*** A 3-month membership to Sandy Newbigging’s Calm Community!! www.lilab.life/sandy Enter before November 15 2017 Sandy Newbigging is a specialist in meditation and mind detox, award-winning speaker, bestselling Hay House author and creator of Calmology. Sandy is passionate about meditation and believes the world would be a happier and more friendly place if more people meditated…

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