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03: Jaya Ishaya from party girl to peaceful monk

Jaya Ishaya - parties to peace

On today’s Episode:

Jaya Ishaya has been teaching meditation for over 15 years, in many countries all over the world. Born in New Zealand and raised on a farm, Jaya has always had the idea of freedom as something to find in nature or in travel. Interestingly she was introduced to meditation by a friend and rejected the idea initially. But once she tried it, it changed her life. A life that was once centered around parties and being popular, changed to a life about service and giving.

Today Jaya’s greatest passion is to share and teach. She loves to run retreats and loves to see peoples lives change. Meditation for her isnt just about a tool, but a lifestyle. She loves to help people change the negative ideas people have about meditation, and to invite them to live in joy, fun and laughter, loving the life we were all given.

Topics Covered:

  • Partying and trying to fit in and be popular – can be painful and exhausting
  • How negative thinking influences us and how meditation can turn that around
  • Not wanting to need anything or rely on anything but discovering that we all need guidance and you don’t have to do it on your own
  • How Jaya handled the breakup of a 10 year relationship with love & understanding soon after learning to meditate
  • How her family and friends reacted to her becoming a monk, how they saw her change, become happier and how they love and respect the work that she does. They can see that meditation and being a monk is a real experience – bringing all the awareness that meditation brings us into everyday life.
  • Jaya shares a story of one of her most inspiring meditation students – who discovered that meditation could help her deal with the pain of fibromyalgia without the use of alcohol and drugs. And how meditation helped her see that it was her mind which was causing her suffering around her pain, rather than the pain itself.
  • Lila and Jaya discuss how suffering is a choice, whether pain or problems exist or not. How meditation can bring clarity, bring joy and bring adventure.
  • Jaya share’s her experience of teaching meditation in communist Cuba – and how people in Cuba understand inherently that freedom isn’t about what’s on the outside but is possible internally.
  • Jaya answers the question – What is enlightenment? And explains how it really is possible for anyone to make enlightenment a real living and attainable experience.
  • Two of the hardest things for Jaya, and for many people to master – letting go of control and the judgments we make about those we are closest to – our families.
  • Jaya’s greatest lesson from meditation: Noticing when we are judging others and seeing instead that no one needs to change – their path is perfect, they are a perfect person and a divine being.

Resources Mentioned:

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