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07: Savitri Ishaya – Experiencing Joy in Everything

Savitri Finding Joy in all things
Savitri is an Ishaya monk living in Wellington, New Zealand. She loves showing people how to transform their relationship with their minds and she teaches Ascension meditation regularly in schools and prisons. She is also a writer and a communications consultant. She is proudest of her two amazing daughters and her favourite thing is laughing.

Topic’s Covered:

  • Meditation for creative flow
  • How her life isn’t that different to what it was 10 years ago and yet the way that she experiences her life is very different. How it’s changed her relationship with her life because she has changed her relationship with her mind. The effect that holding onto thoughts and beliefs was having on her life and how letting all that go has made life different. How our mind finds things to believe that are wrong with our life, with the world – and how to park your car correctly!
  • How meditation has brought joy into her whole family and made family time more present. How quick kids are to notice if you’re present or stressed.
  • Savitri shares her experience of teaching meditation in prisons & schools.
  • How children are a great reminder and example of how to play in the present.
  • Prisoners are hungry for peace, and are motivated to let go of pain which they recognise hasn’t served them well in life. Savitri shares her experience of teaching meditation in prisons and how meditation is helping inmates mange strong emotions life anger and create more calm in a challenging environment.
  • How we can all be inspired by meditating inmates – if they can find peace, then anyone can. It’s not about the external circumstances but the internal choice we can all make on here we put our attention.
  • Savitri’s biggest challenge – letting go of her children. As a mother, letting go of controlling tendencies and letting go of her own resistance is easy compared to surrendering the things she wants/desires for her children.
  • Savitri’s greatest lesson – how to enjoy life, not take everything too seriously and how to live and show up, be fully present the here and now and embrace all things as it happens.
  • What does being a modern day monk means to Savitri – service and teaching, sharing consciousness with the world. Commitment to peace first and foremost in order to then be able to give to others.
  • Savitri explains the difference between mindfulness and meditation

Resources mentioned:

  • Kiwi’s – join Savitri’s next weekend retreat September 29 – October 1st in Otaki, Wellington, NZ – learn more at

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  1. Lee Koster on 09/06/2017 at 5:45 AM

    Another fabulous podcast Lila. Thanks to both you and Savitri for the timely reminder to look for joy in the everyday moments. Also to prioritise my peace first otherwise I can’t be there for my family or others.

    Love Lee xx

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