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09: Arjuna – Finding the true sense of me

Arjuna - Finding a truer sense of me

Today on the show I’m delighted to be speaking to Arjuna. Arjuna used to be an outdoor instructor in New Zealand until he discovered the joys of meditation, learning in 2003, so he’s been doing this gig for a while now. Then he sold up, became a meditation teacher and travelled the world, ending up in the UK.
He now lives in North Yorkshire with his wife and baby and teaches meditation fulltime. This includes teaching the only meditation and mindfulness course approved for the British military. In his spare time. His favourite things are whitewater kayaking and food.

“meditation gives everybody who practices it, exactly what they need to be the best version of them, to really fully live their life. “

Topics covered:

  • Seeing two versions of himself and realising he was only living half a life because what was missing was that sense of me. Listen as my mind gets blown as Arjuna and I discover an amazing connection we didn’t know we had, that our paths have crossed
  • Listen as my mind gets blown as Arjuna and I discover an amazing connection we didn’t know we had, that our paths have crossed before and that we were both experiencing a funk at the same time, in the same place!
  • The impact of learning to meditate:
    • Allowed him to rediscover a connection with the real him (and becoming a nana driver!)
    • The problem of being confused by life wasn’t there anymore.
    • Life was exactly the same but without the annoying habit of getting hooked on the future and the past.
    • More authenticity – nothing to prove, nothing to hide, here I am. Nothing wrong with me
  • Arjuna shares his experience of teaching meditation in the UK military.
  •  What it’s like to live with a family of monks – a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and a lot of honesty and openness.
  • How meditation helps him as a new dad – multitasking causes stress – especially with a young baby and why he has put down all the baby books.
  • Changing relationship with food – eating what your body needs, not what your head thinks you should eat. Your perception of food changes food more than food itself.
  • Arjuna’s greatest lesson – Acceptance and Allowance. Where our plan meets reality can oftentimes result in stress. The sooner you can be fluid with your plans and drop them for what simply IS, the sooner you get clarity, contentment and peace. Meeting reality as it is, rather than how you think it should be.
  • Arjuna’s WISDOM – Find your foundation, your way of being at peace with the world and your life and connecting with your true self. It’s not about giving up anything. Your passions are there because they are you. If you stop living your passions it’s like being a lightbulb that doesn’t work. The world needs more passionate, alive, content, fluid people. People who want to be happy more than they want to be right.


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    If you want to learn meditation from Arjuna, he is next teaching in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK on the 10th November. Learn more here
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