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13: Micci Gorrod – Accepting life exactly as it is

Accepting life exactly as it is

Micci Gorrod is a meditation teacher, actress and coach with her company The Conscious Creative. She is also a tutor at Cambridge University at their Institute of Continuing Education and a tutor for the Queens Young Leaders. And she is also the gorgeous wife of last weeks guest – Jivana.

“Life’s not about what happens with your eyes closed, because sometimes the mind can be busy, but it’s what I was noticing in my everyday life, that everything felt smoother and calmer and there was an ongoing stillness and contentment which is always there as long as I kept my practice up.”


“I felt like I was at the beginning of an adventure – I got excited because I didn’t have to be in nature to suddenly access the great contentment I got from nature. I wanted to find out more about how I could stay in that space because now I had a technique that could take me to that.”

Topics mentioned:

  • Micci dishes the dirt on life as Jivana’s wife
  • How she got so much more than just joy when she learned to meditate.
  • Answering the big questions – who am I, why am I here, what am I capable of experiencing?
  • How meditation deals with trauma or torturous thoughts
  • How Micci found she could be as content in a crowded London tube as she could in nature.
  • How the stresses and emotional toll within the acting industry led to her setting up The Conscious Creative
  • The Queens Young Leaders – kinda like the Queen’s super special business incubator for millennials
  • Micci shares her experience of teaching meditation in Rwanda and about the effectiveness of the Pink Light Technique
  • Micci shares her current health & fertility challenges. How her doctors are surprised that she’s not experiencing more pain.
  • How her desire to have a baby is there but there isn’t the anguish that she has seen others experience from it – there is a complete acceptance of the things you cannot change, beyond your control and it’s only the resistance to that causes any suffering around it.
  • We talk and laugh about the challenges of technology
  • We talk about grief and I share how I can now acknowledge how naturally present I was when my boyfriends died, that initally all I expereinced was love, it was only later when my mind kicked in that I started to experience pain. When I learned to meditate that initial sense of love returns.

“I always thought that meditation was something that should just be good for you, but be a bit boring. But its amazing, there is just more and more joy that comes from moving stress and connecting with that inner peace within you.”
“The more present I am, the more effective I am. But there’s a lot less to worry about and to take too seriously so I can start to laugh at the nature of my own mind. Knowing that’s not me, that I am that which is aware of thought and emotions and it all comes and goes and moves.”

Resources mentioned:

Learn to meditate with Micci and Jivana, they are teaching a weekend meditation course at their home in Berkhamsted, just north of London from the 6th to 8th of October, 2017. You can learn more about the course and sign up by Clicking Here

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