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15: What if you had no past?

What if you had no story, no past?

Who would you be without your story?

Who would you be without your past?

What if you could leave it all behind?


What if you were no one’s child?

What if you were no ones parent?

What if you were no one’s partner, no one’s ex?

What if your resume was wiped clean?

If your job wasn’t a part of your identity?


What if you had never been hurt?

What if you had never hurt anyone?


If the past didn’t exist…

Would there be anything to feel angry about?

Guilt about… Shame about… Sad about.
Would you feel the weight of responsibility or expectations,

Would you feel judged, would you be worried about what others think?


If the past didn’t exist… would you feel broken?

Would you need to change anything about yourself, your body, your life or the world around you?


Do you know what a life without a past, without a story would look like?


It would be free.


YOU would be free.

Free to LOVE for yourself and all things unconditionally.

Free to experience uninhibited JOY.

Free to live with unbounded AWARENESS.

There would be nothing to fear, nothing to feel anxious about.


If you are no longer tied to your past or your story, all that is left is pure YOU.

The pure YOU that you were naturally when you entered this world.

That pure innocent version of yourself. That YOU who you naturally were as a young child.


Do you remember that YOU?


If you had no story, there would be nothing to fix, there would be no limiting beliefs to dissolve or heal. There would be nothing to forgive.

All that would be left would be the perfection of YOU.

That YOU doesn’t know fear, doesn’t know pain doesn’t know suffering.


How wonderful!


So my invitation today is simply to play with this. Close your eyes and tune into to that person you would be if you had no story, no past.

What does that version of yourself know to be true?

What qualities does that pure YOU have that make you special and unique?

What superpowers does this version of yourself possess?

Now from this space, go out and be the powerful, amazing, blissful, beautiful, shiny being that you are!!!


Thank you for your emails, reviews and feedback, I love hearing from you so please keep them coming and let me know how you find this exercise, let me know who are you if you have no story?

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And with that I want to express my gratitude to you for listening and praise you for your willingness to show up, play big, be courageous, find peace and live happy.

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