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20: Dissolving pain + limitations with Rudra Devi

Rudra Devi dissolving limitations and pain

I’m here today with Rudra Devi who is a coach, healer and meditation teacher who removes chronic pain without the use of drugs using a technique she’s developed called the Rudra Devi technique. This has taken her 13 years to create and develop and it has 100% success rate. She specializes in fibromyalgia but also works with arthritis, chronic fatigue, ME, migraines and depression.

“Imagine that your life is like a jigsaw, and there is this one piece that never quite made it to the jigsaw and it was floating in the ethos. On my first morning of this meditation course, that piece dropped into place, and I saw the picture fully for the first time in my life and I was like, wow, this is what it’s about.”

Topics Covered

  • Rudra Devi shares how her life was turned upside down 13 years ago when she left an abusive relationship and was left homeless and bankrupt with 3 kids under 4 years old.
  • Despite feeling like a loser and wallowing for some time in self-pity there was a tiny glimmer of wonder as to how she would turn things around.
  • She heard about a guy called Tony Robbins who was said to turn peoples lives around, so she signed up to his course, not knowing anything about him, thinking there would be about 30 people there and instead there was 10,000!
  • She left with a bag of tools and started implementing them in her life. She went back to school and finished her degree, got a good job. But there was still something missing.
  • Rudra Devi shares how her own health problems caused her to research and learn everything she could about the Mind-Body Connection, which led her to the work of Dr John Sarno.
  • Rudra Devi talks about the patterns she started to see amongst her coaching clients – only certain personalities seemed to develop certain illnesses. For example, Fibromyalgia people appear to be super loving, caring people but they forget to put themselves first so the pattern seems to be the body saying, “Hey! You need to look after yourself, so I’m going to make you by giving you this illness”.
  • Learn the remarkable meaning of Rudra Devi’s Sanskrit name and how perfect it is for her!

“Everything in life is cause and effect. Illness and chronic pain is the same, you dont just wake up and have an illness, you don’t wake up and have chronic pain, something has got to have happened for it to have got there in the first place.”

“If we are whole in ourselves, then it’s easy to be able to help others, but when we’re not, then that’s when the problems start.”

  • Rudra Devi talks about her new work rule – she has dissolved all limitations in her company. That means that anything is possible from this moment onwards. She doesn’t want to hear any ideas unless her staff think they are totally unrealistic – because only unrealistic people shift mountains.
  • Rudra Devi shares two stories of healing with clients who suffered from fibromyalgia including a 19-year old woman who was on 22 tablets a day and was unable to work and sleeping 16 hours a day.

“Meditation brings me joy. I thought meditation wasn’t really for me, it sounded boring, sitting around doing nothing, because I’m quite a busy, active, energetic person but I was so wrong, because its not what I thought it was. Now I realise that it’s about expanding my experience from within, I get a completely different experience from it and so it brings me joy.”

“The biggest thing that’s given me the most peace is that  I now know that in every moment I have a choice and that choice is how

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