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22: Meditation in the Workplace with Gomata

meditation in the workplace

Today’s guest is Gomata Ishaya. She is from Mexico but now lives in Edinburgh Scotland with her husband Steven. She started meditating in 2009 and become a teacher in 2016.

“I already had the husband, the job, the salary, the benefits. I had it all already and yet I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t appreciate it but through meditation, it brought it back to what was truly important. It was that little switch of starting to appreciate what I already had and being grateful for what I already had.”

Topics mentioned:

  • I used to think life shouldn’t be this way, watching the adults get stressed out and complaining about life all the time. there should be more to life than just work and family.
  • I wanted something to help me focus and cope with my work in investment banking. But meditation gave me so much more.

“Its not like I won the lottery because I started meditating. But my life was already a lottery ticket, ready to be won, just by meditating and being aware of the beauty of my life already.”

  • Gomata shares how she manages to squeeze her meditation practice into gaps in her day that already existed so she can spend quality time with her family.
  • How her husband hasn’t noticed anything different about her since she started meditating because he already saw her better than she saw herself, already in her perfection.
  • The thoughts are a river and the meditation technique is just a stone that you step onto, so you don’t ever fall into the river of thoughts. It holds you up so you can watch the river of thoughts flow by.
  • We talk about motorbikes and the connection between meditation and motorbikes and Gomata tells us about her unique workplace at Saltire Motorcycles that has its own meditation room.
  • I share my own experience of working with consciously aware people while doing a job I never really expected to be doing.
  • We talk about the importance of an eyes open meditation practice as well as closed eyes.

Gomata’s 3 tips for anyone wanting more from their meditation experience:

  • Have guidance + make it a priority
  • Show up
  • Share + Participate

Resources mentioned:

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