Welcome to Daring to be Happy with Lila B

The podcast that invites you to show up, play big, be courageous and inspire you that through meditation you CAN find peace and live happy.

DARING TO BE HAPPY exists in the hope that it inspires YOU to connect to a lighter and brighter version of yourself.


To discover your inner power, inner voice, inner courage. To learn that true strength lies in being vulnerable, in letting go of past stories and conditioning and trusting fully in your own uniqueness.


The tool which can get you there the most directly is MEDITATION. Meditation allows us to discover peace, calm, & stillness. Meditation brings us closer to the truth of who we really are. It gently and easily dissolves the masks and armour we’ve been wearing to protect ourselves from the world. It allows your uniqueness to shine through and happiness to explode from your heart.

How to meditate when travelling

23: Tips for meditation when travelling

02 Nov 2017

This week’s question come from Lily, who I just met at my guesthouse in Bali. She asks for some help or suggestions to make meditating easier when you are on the road. She typically uses guided meditation, which she finds easier than sitting in silence but often they aren’t available without wifi. Plus she finds…

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meditation in the workplace

22: Meditation in the Workplace with Gomata

29 Oct 2017

Today’s guest is Gomata Ishaya. She is from Mexico but now lives in Edinburgh Scotland with her husband Steven. She started meditating in 2009 and become a teacher in 2016. “I already had the husband, the job, the salary, the benefits. I had it all already and yet I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t appreciate…

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Noticing the little things meditation

21: Noticing the Little Things with Nick Ratcliffe

26 Oct 2017

For today’s episode, we are doing something a little different. Today I have a little mini interview for you with my friend Nick, a business consultant, who has been a committed meditator for almost 20 years but unlike our previous guests, he’s not a meditation teacher, not yet at least. I have a few of…

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Rudra Devi dissolving limitations and pain

20: Dissolving pain + limitations with Rudra Devi

23 Oct 2017

I’m here today with Rudra Devi who is a coach, healer and meditation teacher who removes chronic pain without the use of drugs using a technique she’s developed called the Rudra Devi technique. This has taken her 13 years to create and develop and it has 100% success rate. She specializes in fibromyalgia but also…

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19: To say #metoo or to not say #metoo

19 Oct 2017

To #metoo or not to #metoo? It’s been a question that’s been running through my mind all week.It’s been amazing to watch the conversation come to light and be told, by millions of women across the world, each in their own unique way, with their own unique experiences. It’s been amazing to watch the conversation…

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18: Sri Ishaya – Building Peace inside and out

16 Oct 2017

I’m delighted to welcome my guest today Sri Ishaya. Sri is from Sweden but her work in International Peace and Security has led her to live in various conflict countries around the world including Congo and Mali, where she supports women in their local communities and advocates for women’s rights. And it may come to no surprise…

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Lila B Attached to non-attachment

17: Attached to non-attachment

12 Oct 2017

First, an update from me…. I’m now in Bali!! But I almost, kinda, not really, didn’t make it to Bali because of a volcano and may or may not erupt. Find how what I learned about non-attachment as a result! Plus I’m having all these issues trying to find a quiet enough place to record…

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Padma Sundari Putting love first

16: Padma Sundari daring to put love first

09 Oct 2017

My guest today is Padma Sundari. She is a meditation teacher from Mexico but now lives in Norway, and she has been on a journey of self-discovery through choosing for happiness and learning How to choose for happiness. She is also a mum to her 9-year old son Khaled and has been a solo mum…

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What if you had no story, no past?

15: What if you had no past?

05 Oct 2017

Who would you be without your story? Who would you be without your past? What if you could leave it all behind?   What if you were no one’s child? What if you were no ones parent? What if you were no one’s partner, no one’s ex? What if your resume was wiped clean? If…

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Sally Lewis peace is possible A Mindful Choice

14: Sally Lewis shows that Peace is Possible

02 Oct 2017

Sally Lewis has been a businesswoman for over 30 years and an Ishaya Monk for the past 9 years. Her diverse background allows her to approach consciousness and spirituality in a down to earth manner. Her latest consciousness project is the documentary called ‘A Mindful Choice’ – a film showing the impact that one person…

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