Welcome to Daring to be Happy with Lila B

The podcast that invites you to show up, play big, be courageous and inspire you that through meditation you CAN find peace and live happy.

DARING TO BE HAPPY exists in the hope that it inspires YOU to connect to a lighter and brighter version of yourself.


To discover your inner power, inner voice, inner courage. To learn that true strength lies in being vulnerable, in letting go of past stories and conditioning and trusting fully in your own uniqueness.


The tool which can get you there the most directly is MEDITATION. Meditation allows us to discover peace, calm, & stillness. Meditation brings us closer to the truth of who we really are. It gently and easily dissolves the masks and armour we’ve been wearing to protect ourselves from the world. It allows your uniqueness to shine through and happiness to explode from your heart.

13: Micci Gorrod – Accepting life exactly as it is

Accepting life exactly as it is

Micci Gorrod is a meditation teacher, actress and coach with her company The Conscious Creative. She is also a tutor at Cambridge University at their Institute of Continuing Education and a tutor for the Queens Young Leaders. And she is also the gorgeous wife of last weeks guest – Jivana. “Life’s not about what happens…

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12: Why I’ve quit thinking

Why I've decided to quit thinking

Thinking is really painful – it’s exhausting. So I’ve decided to quit thinking – at least when I remember, lol! Trying to figure stuff out causes pain and suffering. Thinking only ever happens in the past or the future. But I love trying to figure out how I’m going to plan stuff to get what…

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11: Jivana Ishaya – Commentating on peace + Formula One

Commentating on my mind and formula one

Jivana is an actor and presenter living outside London, England with his gorgeous wife a massive cat, Jaffa.  As you will quickly hear in this episode, he loves playing and joking around, and loves delving into the nature of existence, meeting new people and spending time with friends. He also loves Formula One and by…

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10: Playtime Q&A – Resisting a lifetime of thoughts

resisting a lifetime of thoughts

12 hours alone with your thoughts!?! I don’t really want to think about my thoughts that long, I really don’t. I’ve got 55 years of thoughts and their all bottled up. Isn’t that the problem, that we bottle them up and we don’t want to look at them? And most of the time aren’t the…

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09: Arjuna – Finding the true sense of me

Arjuna - Finding a truer sense of me

Today on the show I’m delighted to be speaking to Arjuna. Arjuna used to be an outdoor instructor in New Zealand until he discovered the joys of meditation, learning in 2003, so he’s been doing this gig for a while now. Then he sold up, became a meditation teacher and travelled the world, ending up…

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08: Gently Coming Home to Stillness

Gently coming home to stillness

Hi guys. And welcome to another play time session.I’m not sure if this is actually going to be a playtime session. I’m not going to do a Q&A. This week instead, I just really felt compelled tonight to share with you what I’m doing and where I’m at, at the moment. So I’m not sure…

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07: Savitri Ishaya – Experiencing Joy in Everything

Savitri Finding Joy in all things

Savitri is an Ishaya monk living in Wellington, New Zealand. She loves showing people how to transform their relationship with their minds and she teaches Ascension meditation regularly in schools and prisons. She is also a writer and a communications consultant. She is proudest of her two amazing daughters and her favourite thing is laughing.…

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06: Playtime Q&A – Watching the mind vs. clearing the mind

Watching the mind vs clearing the mind

  Question Today’s question comes from Roman Castro, a fellow podcaster I met recently at Podcast Movement. While I did record his question from my iPhone, we were in a noisy conference room and there is a bit much background noise which I don’t want to put you through. So pretend for a moment that…

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05: 5 Steps for easy happiness with Loto Vázquez

Loto Vázquez

On today’s episode: Loto was a seeker since the age of 16 years old when during a casual conversation he had his first genuine experience of stillness. However, it wasn’t until he was 23 that he finally found a meditation practice which stabilised that experience when he met the Ishaya’s of The Bright Path. During…

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04: Playtime Q&A – 4 Tips for Consistent Meditation

How to keep meditating consistently

How do I build a consistent meditation practice? I’m not actually the best at creating new habits. I’m not even the most consistent meditator, particularly at the moment. That’s because I don’t have a lot of routine in my life right now. Actually to be honest I resist routine for some reason. I think that’s…

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