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Welcome to Daring to be Happy with Lila B

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Welcome to Daring to be Happy with Lila B. THE podcast that invites you to show up, play big, be courageous and inspire you that through meditation you can find peace and live happy.


I’m your host, Lila B, and yes, I really am a modern day monk, but mainly I’m a regular kinda woman who has no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

So what’s this show going to be all about?

Every week, I’ll be interviewing some amazing people from around the world who all living pretty ordinary lives but in extraordinary ways, proving that it is possible to live a peaceful, calm, contented, joyful life, regardless of what chaos is going on around you, or how it may look from the outside and proving that you can change your relationship with your mind.

As a meditation teacher, I’ll also be sharing how my personal meditation practice is making a difference in my life and opening up for questions from listeners to help support you with your meditation practice.

It’s my hope that through this podcast, I can inspire you to connect to a lighter and brighter version of yourself.

To discover your inner power, inner voice, inner courage.

To learn that true strength lies in being vulnerable, in letting go of past stories and conditioning and trusting fully in your own uniqueness.

My life’s journey has been about overcoming that dreaded sense of failure, the sense that there was something wrong with me, the sense that being different is bad. It’s also been about overcoming trauma, overcoming the greatest pain that comes from losing the love of your life and about coming through grief.

What I’ve learned is that our greatest growth comes from leaning into the uncomfortable parts in order to come out the other side shining. Learning that we can resist and live in pain OR be momentarily uncomfortable and find freedom.

The tool which can get us there the most directly is MEDITATION. Meditation allows us to discover peace, calm, & stillness. Meditation brings us closer to the truth of who we really are. It gently and easily dissolves the masks and armour we’ve been wearing to protect ourselves from the world. It allows our uniqueness to shine through and happiness to explode from our hearts.

Trusting our truth and self-worth comes when we discover that love is infinite and it is that love which gives us unlimited power, unlimited potential and can dissolve all form of suffering.

This has the ability to transform our relationships, sex, money, career, creativity + health. And these are the themes I’m so looking forward to exploring and sharing with you all.

So subscribe now, and very soon, I look forward to launching the first 3 episodes with you, including my own story of how I really have become a modern day Ishaya monk, and what that really means – don’t worry it’s nothing to get too freaked out about. Then look forward to what I hope are 2 inspiring episodes every week.

Thanks for being here and welcome to Daring to be happy with Lila B!

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